Hello, we are The Lounge Room Confabulators and we perform strange little shows in peoples houses. We are based in Melbourne. Would you like us to do a show at your house for you and your friends?

Great. After a sold out extended season at Melbourne Fringe we are now taking bookings for houses in Melbourne. 

To book the show in your very own home all you need to do is fill out this handy form to tell us your optimum date and we will get back to you and hopefully say something like "see you then". 

We have two shows available, our latest "hi-tech innovative masterpiece" is called Survival Party and our "old faithful (masterpiece)" is called Unverified Stories from a Travelling Suitcase.

You can book one of these delightfully silly, sad and splendid shows in three sassy steps:

① Fill out the form over there ☞

② We will get back to you and confirm a date and time, then you can extend invitations to any guests you wish to attend.

③ Shine your shoes and brush your hair/teeth.

How much does it cost? 
$250 (This initial cost covers up to 10 people of your choosing) 
If you would like more than 10 people, every additional person should bring $25 on the night.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of people that can attend?

No. The maximum probably depends on how big your lounge room is, and how comfortable your guests are with squeezing in. But we often say, "the more on the merry-go-round the merrier... until someone spews". We have also performed in backyards, on back verandas, as long as the weather is nice and it is fairly quiet and the neighbours dog doesn't get too jealous about all the fun smells that are being made. 

And less than 10 people is fine too, however, the minimum cost is $250. We are happy to do the show for one person though... as long as they are happy to pay us that much and are comfortable with prolonged periods of intense eye contact. 

How long does it go for? 

about an hour

Do you have any specific requirements for the venue?

No, we just ask that it is fairly quiet, and there is enough space for everyone to sit comfortably and be able to see. We prefer not to perform in the middle of a group of people with the audience surrounding us, it makes us nervous and when we get nervous we get unpredictable... and when we get unpredictable we fart... and when we fart it smells... and when it smells windows get opened... and when windows get opened pigeons get in... and when pigeons get in they win... and no one likes it when the pigeons win.

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Tell us when you would like us to perform in your home and where you live.